Chris Arlidge
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About Chris Arlidge

Brand thyself.

Brand thyself.

Hi my name is Chris Arlidge

I am an award winning graphic designer, digital artist, and UX advocate, delivering exceptional experiences and memorable brands.

I have been working as a professional designer since 1999. During this time I have had the pleasure of being a part of some of the Okanagan’s finest digital agencies, and working with clients both local and international.

I am always creating, whether it be writing, painting or digital art. My works have been seen at the Kelowna Art Gallery (member exhibit), Rotary Center for the Arts, and the Okanagan Regional Library (Kelowna). My digital art has won a few awards, and been published in internationally circulated books, Expose 2 (Ballistic Publishing), D’Artist (Ballistic Publishing), and New Masters of Photoshop (Friends of ED).

I might have some free time

I am working full-time as a UX and graphic designer in Kelowna for Minga. However, I am usually available for some freelance work (I have cats, they are expensive).